Iron Chef

602-765-3888 / 602-765-6888
Full service, Dine in, Take out, Catering
American-Chinese, Asian fusion, Japanese
Mon.~Sun.: 11:00am-9:30pm
We Open 364 Day A Year. Only close at Thanksgiving.
  • mailscu******** posted at 3/18/2024
    Best cucmber ever <a href=>cucumber</a>
  • tjl**** posted at 12/25/2023
     My favorite! AAA
    I have been eating here for at least 8 years. Same owners same great food.  Very reasonable  and the staff is also great. Many have always been here. Every time I bring someone new they make it their favorite as well.🥰😋😃 
  • dyan***** posted at 12/15/2023
    Can I get an email gift certificate?
    I live in Indiana and it’s my son and wife’s anniversary this weekend and they love your restaurant. They are Lance & Francie Donkerbrook.
    I have eaten with them in your restaurant.
    It’s very good.
    Dorothy Yanavich
  • wedf***** posted at 10/9/2023
    Заказать дубликаты номерных знаков 
    <a href=>Дубликат номера</a>
  • mistres******* posted at 9/15/2023
    A customer was allowed to bring his dog into restaurant, waitresses were petting the dog and not washing their hands after, yuck yuck yuck
  • send**** posted at 3/22/2023
    It was on the nextdoor app
  • send**** posted at 3/22/2023
    I'm not sure if my post went thru. 
  • send**** posted at 3/22/2023
    Some on nextdoor said your getting your fish out of the canal and chef processing it in the back alley. I wanted you to be aware of this I totally disagreed .  Defamination of your business.   Please read this post . Thanks Mark  
  • rache****** posted at 2/28/2023
    Do you have DoorDash?
  • rolando******** posted at 7/12/2021
    Apparently a really good  friend of mine who happens to be black came to your establishment with his Asian wife...and felt as if he was discriminated against and posted it on social media.  Well he has never accused or posted anything in this nature and most of us believe him. My advice to you is too root out who ever is the racist person or people there before you end iup in a major law should appreciate any color race or religion supporting your business at times when so many people around the world had to close due to the pandemic.  
  • iverodri******** posted at 3/9/2021
    In order number 63eOf2bO of this day March 9, 2:13 PM item Edamame was not included please the  sum of $4.00 has to be excluded. Excellent food
  • kat**** posted at 7/5/2012
    Great happy hour specials....fantastic fresh rolls! Try the tuna martini!
  • arizona******** posted at 9/14/2011
    Right around the corner from my house - Great Sushi, very nice staff A+
  • hamm***** posted at 8/3/2011